From 58 Pounds to Thriving


15-year-olds aren’t supposed to have strokes. At least that’s what I thought. Continue reading

Losing a Parent… and How Empty Spiritual Teachings Make It Worse

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There is a ghost where my mother used to be. She looks like my mother, sounds like my mother… but she is not my mother. Continue reading

The Science of the Female Orgasm: Do Relationships Matter?


In a recent study, researchers asked nearly 14,000 women some very pointed questions about their sex lives. Continue reading

Evolution, Creation, and the Faux Middle Path

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Learning and understanding evolutionary theory is not just about scientific literacy — it is a theory that requires we acknowledge our own vulnerability to the natural forces of the universe, recognize our relationship to the other species on this planet, and approach life from a place of honest inquiry rather than blind faith. Continue reading

Life Without Health Insurance


Who are these 50 million Americans — are they young, old, rich, poor, educated, too stupid or lazy to purchase health insurance? Continue reading

Death, Transcendence, and the Longing for God

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When you’re lonely, afraid, desperate for reassurance… God, the Universe, the Great Mother, whatever you choose to name it… believing that “it” is out there may feel like all you have. Continue reading

Kumaré Review: Why Americans Fall in Love with Indian Gurus

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What do you get when you cross a young religious skeptic from New Jersey with a titular Indian spiritual leader? Well, apparently this guy: Meet Kumaré. Part Borat-style prankumentary and part cultural analysis of Americans’ relationship with Eastern religion, Vikram Gandhi’s Kumaré provoked laughter as … Continue reading

The World’s Largest Yoga Class Will Only Cost You $675,000.

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Two NYC-based companies want yogis to raise $675k to hold the “world’s largest yoga class” in Central Park. Seriously? My thoughts on what we should be doing with that money Continue reading

Starving for Connection

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As yoga has meshed with the fitness and image-obsessed culture of the West, sweaty vinyasa classes have become ripe breeding ground for people with eating disorders to flourish in their dis-ease. Continue reading

When Women Used Lysol as Birth Control

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A new study reported on in the journal Pediatrics reveals that even though it’s legal for 17-year-olds to get the so-called morning-after pill, many pharmacy employees often tell teens they’re not allowed to have the drug anyway. Whether she is under the age of … Continue reading

How our addiction to oil is killing dolphins

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Dolphins are being killed in mass quantities in Peru, and this time the culprit isn’t the Japanese taste dolphin meat… it’s our collective hunger for oil. Since the beginning of the summer, nearly 3000 dolphin carcasses have washed up on shore, and last week … Continue reading

The Words That Break Your Body


The conversations that really affect us do not happen in the realm of the concrete and explicit. They take place beneath and between our words. Continue reading

Finding the Sacred in the Shadow


“The wicked” Patanjali speaks of is no longer the bully that tormented me in elementary school — it’s the loathsome aspect of my personality hidden in the gallows of my soul. Continue reading

Waltzes with Wisdom: Reading the Yoga Sutras in Community


Truth gazes out at me from the eyes of fellow human beings, not the pages of a book. Continue reading

Do you speak yoga?


In today’s globalized world, it’s enormously important for us to be fluent in the diversity of the human experience. Continue reading

At-risk youth and the rape of Mother Earth


How do children heal when their only tools are guns, drugs, and eating disorders? Continue reading

Are the kulas of today the cults of tomorrow?


Is there an unhealthy sense of hierarchy in many yoga communities — a leader at the top who’s been lifted up onto a pedestal by starry-eyed followers? Continue reading

What does a yoga body look like? (Part 3)

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The Love we’re looking for will not be found in shopping sprees, barrels of oils, or health fads designed to “fix” our broken bodies. Continue reading

What does a body look like? (Part 2)

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Many of us have been taught our entire lives to control our bodies’ wild whims, to keep them quiet and hidden beneath the cloaks of invisibility. Continue reading

What does a yoga body look like? (Part 1)


The church says the body is a sin. Science says the body is a machine. Advertising says the body is a business. My yoga practice says the body is ____________. Continue reading

When Brain Scans Deceive & Scientists Lie


The public treats today’s scientists like gods. Continue reading

Don’t Let Go of Your Story: 5 Quotes on the Power of Storytelling


Knowing and telling our stories allows us to make meaning of circumstances that might otherwise be traumatic or regrettable. Continue reading

5 Reasons Science Does NOT Prove Yoga Works

brain cell

Yoga changes your brain. . . And so does brushing your teeth. Continue reading

How I Went From 58 Pounds & Nearly Dead to Healthy, Happy and Loving Life


After a five-year battle with Anorexia, my body had reached its breaking point. All four valves in my heart were leaking. My skin was yellow from liver failure. I hadn’t taken a sh*t in over a month. I was dying. Continue reading

A call (and commitment) to radical honesty

radical honesty

This is my public commitment to radical honesty. Continue reading

Yoga & Addictions Recovery: Coming Home

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Reflections on hope, healing, and home from the 2011 Yoga & Addictions Recovery Conference at Esalen. Continue reading

Are Detoxes Just Diets in Disguise?

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Our relationship to food is a poignant reflection of our relationship to ourselves. Continue reading

Who is afraid to get political?


We are bearing witness to a revolutionary moment in our world, and we’re getting political whether we choose to engage or not. Continue reading

The Sexiness of Seva


Why is it sexier to send money to children in Africa rather than help a local kid about to get picked up by pimps? Continue reading

Child sex trafficking in the United States


A juvenile detention center is not the place to heal from sexual trauma. Continue reading