Credit: Michelle Reuter

Chelsea is a widely sought after speaker at conferences, recovery centers, universities, professional organizations, and yoga studios worldwide. She is known for her intelligent, inspiring, and tell-it-like-it-is speaking style, and for weaving together profound personal experiences with her scientific background to deliver deeply moving insights.

Chelsea’s talks cover a wide range of issues and topics, reflecting the wild and crazy, “you can’t make this @#$& up” life she’s lived thus far. She is the first-born daughter of a lesbian couple, an eating disorder survivor, a former foster care kid, primary caregiver to a parent with dementia, and an emerging voice in the world of yoga and new media. Whether you are an educator wanting to bring a story of overcoming adversity to your campus, a health professional looking for a survivor’s perspective on the “keys” to recovery, a parent or spouse who wants to understand the hidden language of eating disorders, or a young person who just needs to know that there IS a way out, Chelsea has a program for you.

Talks include:

The Hidden Language of Eating Disorders: For parents and/or professionals, this talk explores how eating disorders serve as a method of nonverbal communication and unpacks the unspoken messages being expressed through the body when a sufferer lacks an ability to express them with words.

From the Valley of Death: A Story of Survival: For general audiences, this talk weaves together an intense personal story of overcoming adversity (anorexia, alcoholism, foster care, & dementia) with practical tools for cultivating resilience, no matter how bad circumstances get.

Eating Disorders Aren’t Sexy: For youth or college students, this talk debunks the many myths associated with eating disorders and inspires young people to take a deeper look at their relationship to food, body image, and themselves.

Build a Family Beyond Blood: For youth, parents, and professionals involved with the foster care system, this talk is a combination of personal story and inspiring insight for how parentless children can build a family network beyond traditional family lines.

Becoming Your Parent’s Parent: For general audiences or adult caregivers, this talk weaves together personal insight and practical advice for navigating the often scary and uncharted territory of becoming caregiver for an aging or disabled parent.

Also: Eating Disorders 101 (general audiences & parents), It’s Not a Phase (parents), How to Move from Surviving to Thriving (women/men in early recovery), The Treatment Band-Aid (ED professionals), Skeletons in the Yoga Closet (yoga teachers), and Gay Parenting: Advice from Your Future Kid (LGBT parents).

Chelsea can also customize a talk to meet your event’s specific needs. For more information or to book Chelsea at an upcoming event, use the contact form here.