Chelsea Roff is the Founder and Director of Eat Breathe Thrive, a non-profit organization that prevents and helps individuals fully recover from eating disorders through yoga. She is a nationally-recognized author and speaker, and last year she crowdfunded $51,000 to kickstart EBT and conduct an evidence-based study on yoga’s effectiveness in eating disorder treatment. Chelsea’s own story of recovering from anorexia and a subsequent stroke was showcased by Sanjay Gupta on CNN and on the front page of

Prior to her work in eating disorder advocacy, Chelsea worked as a researcher in a Psychoneuroimmunology laboratory. While in university, she completed two Honors Theses: one on how stress affects mental, emotional, and social health, and the second on how mind-body practices like yoga can improve the outcome of chronic immune diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer. She writes regularly for GOOD Magazine, Yoga Journal, The Huffington Post, and Yahoo, and she is represented by the Soapbox Speaker’s Bureau.

Chelsea currently lives in Venice, California, where she can be found cartwheeling across the beach, hiking in the mountains, and practicing yoga poses on her little pink scooter. She speaks regularly at recovery centers, universities, and professional organizations and supports leadership teams at yoga service organizations around the country to more effectively serve in-need populations.

Learn more about Chelsea’s successful campaign to raise $50,000 for Yoga for Eating Disorders.